Introduction: How to Pin-Roll Fold Pants

The purpose of this Instructable will be to give the reader the knowledge and understanding on how to create a “pin roll”. A pin roll is stylized way of folding up the bottom or “cuff” on for certain styles of pants. It could be used out of necessity or preference.

Step 1: Requirements

Requirements: In order to have the best-looking pin-roll, it is recommended that the roll is used with tapered jeans rather than straight or boot-cut jeans.

Step 2: The Sweet Spot

Raise end of the pant leg to the skinniest part of the ankle. The roll will naturally get loose as the wearer goes through the steps, therefore it is better to start at the skinniest part of the ankle and let the roll stretch than to begin too loose and have to start over.

Step 3: The Pinch

Pinch at the seam of the pant leg and fold back towards your heel.

Depending on your pants, you may have an excess amount of material in the pinch, or very little.

Step 4: The Fold

While still holding on to the seam of the pant leg, fold upwards a half an inch (about the width of bottom hem) and make sure the fold is equal all the way around the ankle.

Step 5: The Second Fold

Fold upwards again, while still holding on to the seam of the pants. If the fold seems too loose, you may need to go back to step three and start with a tighter pinch, or step four and have a tighter first fold.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Smooth out any creases in the fold and adjust to your liking.

Personalizing your Pin-Roll. In the end, how the final result of the pin roll looks is up to the wearer. Variations on the number of rolls and the width of the rolls, along with how high up the roll goes, are all ways for the wearer to make the pin-roll their own.