How to Play Guards Vs Thief

Introduction: How to Play Guards Vs Thief

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I made this game more than a year ago when I was in college, and plenty of other students found it to be quite the brain teaser. Take 5 people, something as the treasure, and a space big enough to make a 6x6 square grid. The Thief takes one space at a time to get to the treasure at the other end and back to the start. The Guards can only catch the Thief if he's in direct line of sight, as dictated by the squares. Starting off, each Guard faces a different direction, two only turn left, the other two to the right, and make their turns every time the Thief takes a space. The part that makes this game difficult is when the guards change direction after every 6th space. The Thief cannot move back to a space he was just previously on, unless you make a special rule or something where he can only step back a space a certain number of times either to undo his last turn or to make the guards turn again.

If you wanna try it, by all means! I never perfected it, and there are a multitude of ways to beat it or lose to it. If you think you can beat it, then get some friends and try it out for yourself. Maybe have a sixth person keep track of the Guards so they don't get confused. (I personally recommend that).

I also figured I would submit this to the "How To Play ___" Contest. I could really use that sweet camera to make higher quality videos for my YouTube Channel, for my Android Cell Phone sucks at keeping constant frame rates, amongst other issues.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Yes! A person who atcually made the game he entered I'm voting for you! (would this work on paper?)


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks yo! ive tried to make this into a flash game or something similar, but god do i suck at coding!