"Wall Netting" - a Decorative Display for Your Everyday Stuff

Introduction: "Wall Netting" - a Decorative Display for Your Everyday Stuff

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Making a net isn't very hard. It may be somewhat time consuming, but when you get the hang of it, it's not that hard! As long as your material is a strand of something (paracord, nylon rope, ribbon, fabric, yarn etc.), it can be woven into a net. The larger the net, the more material you need. But its all just knots! The net in the image above is just a sample of what could be done. I made this out of strips of brown cotton fabric tied 3 times with a simple knot used to tying one's shoe, but without the bow lace part at the end. As long as you keep the strands inbetween knots an equal length, your net will look great!

I ran out of material before i could make it bigger. Ah well.

I made a better one in the second image!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Ok this seems like a good Idea but there is no real instructions here. You need to do this over and take more pictures with a step by step on each one. As this stands there is no reason for anyone to vote for you. i n fact if I was a judge I would have to say that you would be disqualified for an incomplete instructable. Not trying to be mean but please redo this. I for one would love to make a net from paracord but i need more info than this.