Introduction: How to Play: Sink or Swim

Do you like to swim? Are you part of competitive team? Sink or Swim is the perfect game to put your swimming knowledge to the test! It's a great game to play after practice with your teammates! As players travel around the game board, they must answer interesting trivia questions about the amazing sport of swimming. Watch this quick introduction video to learn a little bit about the game, and then we will get into the more detailed instructions afterwards.

Link to Video:

Step 1: Objective of the Game

Throughout the game, players will earn and lose points based on the trivia questions they answer and the cards that they draw. Make sure to keep track of your points throughout the game because the player who reaches, “Finish” with the most accumulated points wins the game!

Step 2: Step 1: Starting Out

Sink or Swim is designed for 2 - 4 players at a time. To start the game, all players will pick a game piece and place it on “Start.” Players will take turns rolling the dice, moving the number of spaces indicated by the dice.

Step 3: Step 2: Blue Spaces (Swim Cards)

When a player lands on a blue space, he/she will draw a “Swim Card.” These cards have scenarios written on them that will make the player gain points. For example, "Swim a PR! +5 points".

Step 4: Step 3: Red Spaces (Sink Cards)

When a player lands on a red space, he/she will draw a “Sink Card,” which will make the player lose points. For example, "Your relay gets disqualified! - 2 points". However, players cannot go into a negative number of points, so if a player draws a sink card while they still have zero points, it does not count against him/her.

Step 5: Step 4: Purple Spaces (Trivia Cards)

When a player lands on a purple space, he/she will have the player opposite them draw a “Trivia Card” and ask them the question written on it. For example, "How many Olympic medals has Michael Phelps won?" If the player answers the question correctly, they will gain two points. If they get it wrong, they will lose one point.

Step 6: Step 5: White Spaces

When a player lands on a white space, he/she will follow the individual direction on that space.

Step 7: Ending the Game

Players will continue taking turns and moving around the board until everyone reaches “Finish.”

The player who has the most points at the end, regardless of who finishes first, wins the game!