Introduction: How to Pour Paint

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This was a video I made a while ago so I thought I should make an instructable out of it! It is a relatively simple project that anyone can do. This method is called a dirty pour. This will be entered in the Paint contest so please make sure to up vote me! Enjoy!


Acrylic Paint


Pouring Medium


Canvas (or something to paint on)

WD-40 or Silicone Oil

Step 1: Thinning Down the Paint

Naturally Acrylic paint is pretty thick and doesn't move well so we need to thin it down. I like to use pouring medium and water to do this. The pouring medium helps with thinning out the paint and prevents it from cracking while it dries. I like to mix extra water in with the medium because it will give the "cell" effect on the canvas once the oil hits it. So just have the paints in individual cups and thoroughly mix in the water and medium.

Step 2: Combining the Paint

Start by layering the colors in one cup. Every few layers it is important to spray a bit of oil in so the water in the paint will separate causing an abstract effect. Don't over do it with the oil just a dab is perfect.

Step 3: Pouring the Paint

Flip the cup upside down on the canvas (I am using wood instead) and let it sit.

Step 4: Moving the Canvas

Once the cup is lifted and the paint spilled out, spread out the paint on the canvas. I shook the piece and made sure the paint covered the entire piece. As the paint is moved it will show more colors and different patterns. Once you get a pattern you like you can stop moving the piece. LET DRY FULLY FOR 24 HOURS OR MORE!!!!

Step 5: Hang Up and Enjoy!

And we are done! I just wanted to thank you for sticking around and I hope you learned something. Make sure to check out my Youtube and Instagram!

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