Introduction: How to Pressure Smoke Brisket in 2 Hours!

You can make this amazing brisket in 2 hours using a combination of smoker and pressure cooker.

My native instructional media is video, so click the video, above, to get the best instruction, but here are the written steps too.

Step 1: Fuel and Fire

Charcoal is better, but wood will work too.

I love my $30 weed torch for cleaning the grill and starting the fire quickly.

Use a pellet smoker, or offset smoker, or a vertical smoker with a ceramic baffle. The meat should never be able to "see" the fire directly. There should only be convection heat.

Step 2: Smoke and Temp

Your smoker should be about 225 degrees. Hotter dries out the meat. Cooler won't brown it well.

If using wood, wait until all the creosote burns off an the thick white smoke goes away.

If using charcoal, you can start right away.

Step 3: Meat

Honestly, Brisket is way overpriced, due to its popularity. Brisket used to be considered one of the worst cuts of meat. You are welcome to use brisket, but I use boneless beef ribs. They are half the price, and are cut into small pieces with a lot of surface area so they allow more rub, and absorb smoke flavor way faster than one huge chunk of meat.

Any rub will do. Just get what is on sale, or what you like. Smash it in with the back of a spoon, rather than rubbing it off with your hands.

Leave air gaps between all the meat, so smoke can get to all sides.

Step 4: Pressure Cook

After one hour on the smoker, pull off and put in a pressure cooker.

Add 2 cups of chicken or beef broth.

Pressure Cook on High for 60 minutes.

Pull out, shred, and ENJOY!!

Note: The pink color is a sign of an AWESOME smoke. Nitric Oxide goes into the meat, the same time the smoke flavor goes in. It bonds with the iron, and makes it stay pink, instead of oxidizing to the normal brown color of cooked meat. This happens more on the outer surfaces of the meat, so you get a brown center and pink edges, called a "smoke ring". If you get a good smoke ring, you nailed it!!