Introduction: How to Propose With a Fortune Cookie

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Looking for a unique way to "Pop the Question"? Then you have to try this foolproof fortune cookie recipe. (cookie recipe inspired by mom's who  While I can't guarantee you'll get a "yes", I can guarantee you'll put a smile on your partner's face. 

This recipe make 8-10 cookies so you'll have plenty of opportunity to make the perfect one. 

I opted to bake the ring into the cookie but you can also present the ring separately.

Good Luck! 

Step 1: Ingredients & Tools


1/2 cup flour

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 tsp almond extract

3 tsp water

3 tbsp canola oil

pinch salt

2 egg whites

To Decorate the Fortune Cookies: (optional)

Engagement Ring

White Chocolate Melts

Dark Chocolate



Marriage Proposal Fortune : Type up wording of your choice and print 

Smoked Salt

Edible Gold Spray Paint


Kitchen Aid Mixer

Baking Sheet

Muffin Tin


Step 2: Make the Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookie recipe adapted from Moms Who I opted out of adding the cornstarch and they turned out great.

Pre-heat oven 300 degrees F and grease baking sheet.  To make the fortune cookies, start with separating the egg whites. Next, sift the flour, sugar and salt.  Put the egg whites into the mixer and mix until frothy. Next add the dry ingredients, extracts & water. Beat until the mixture is smooth. 

Drop one spoonful of the cookie mixture onto the baking sheet. Using the back of the spoon, press down on the mixture and form a circular motion until you form a 3'' 1/2 to 4'' circle in diamater.  

Place the baking sheet in the oven. Bake the cookies until the cookies form a small golden brown rim on the edges. Each oven will vary, between 10-14 minutes. 

While the cookies are baking, get the muffin tin, marriage proposal fortune, spatula & engagement ring ready. 

Once the edges of the cookies are ready, remove them from the oven. You have to work quickly, or the cookies with break. Place the ring and fortune inside the middle of the ring. Fold over the cookie and press down on the edges and then place the cookie over a mug to achieve the fortune cookie shape. Next, place the cookie in a muffin tin.
Tip: If the cookies are too hot for you too handle, you can use a spatula to fold over the cookies, before placing them on the mug to form their shape. 

The cookies will harden fairly quickly, but you should let them sit for 30 minutes before decorating. 

Step 3: Decorate the Cookies

Decorating the cookie is optional, but dressing it up a little for the big moment can't hurt. 

I tried a few variations incorporating white and dark chocolate, sprinkles, smoked salt and even edible gold spray paint. Try and use combinations that appeal to your partners palate.

Again, this step is optional. Keeping the cookie in it's original simplicity is o.k too.

Step 4: Pop the Question

For some of you, this will be the most difficult, nerve wrecking moment of your life. Luckily, you have this awesome handmade fortune cookie which is sure to win your partner over and secure a "yes".  *answers may vary* Hopefully you're proposing because you're confidant that you'll get a yes. 

Here are some suggestions for popping the question and presenting the cookie:

Breakfast in Bed. Make your partner breakfast and present the cookie with the breakfast tray.

Go to your favorite park and plan a picnic. Bring the cookie along for dessert. **Please be aware that chocolate is sensitive to heat. ** If you decide to decorate your cookies with chocolate, be sure and refrigerate the cookie to minimize melting.  Keep in a insulated bag  if you aren't going to present it right away. 

Go to your favorite restaurant and have them bring out the cookie with dessert. 

Drop off the cookie ahead of time at your favorite pastry shop and have them give your partner the cookie as their new special cookie not yet listed on the menu.

 Make a game out of opening all the cookies. Just make sure your partner gets the one with the ring in it!

Present the cookie with a flower, down on one knee. 

Hope these suggestions help! May you live happily ever after! 

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