Introduction: How to Quiet Your Aquarium Air Pump for Cheap

Aquarium air pumps can be quite noisy. I was getting tired of hearing a loud noise while I was working on my computer. Here is a solution that will cut down on the noise for a low price. All you need is:

-cushion foam (usually found in sewing supply section for $7) - the thicker, the better. It should be bigger than your pump

-a sharp knife

Step 1: Cut Your Foam Into a Block Slightly Larger Than Your Air Pump

Step 2: Place the Pump on the Foam and Trace Around It With a Pen/pencil

It is good to have a snug fit so the pump doesn't vibrate.

Step 3: Cut Out Your Tracing

Once you have gone around the tracing, lift and cut horizontally so you have a hole for your pump. Don't cut through the entire foam piece.

Step 4: Cut Additional Slots for Power Cord and Air Tubing

Cutting slots prevents the tubing and power cord from bending unnaturally.

Step 5: Place Pump in Foam Block and Hook Everything Up

Step 6: All Done! It Should Look Something Like This...

-The foam prevents too much vibration and dampens the noise.

Additional ideas:

-make a top portion of foam that will fit over the pump so the pump is completely enclosed.

-you can trim extra side foam away if you want.

-be creative and think of new/improved ideas!

-in addition to this measure, there are other measures you can take to decrease noise such as:

-moving the pump above the aquarium

-keeping the air stone clean

-placing the air pump on a solid surface

Hope you got something out of this instructable!