Introduction: How to Re-Assemble a 1911

This is how to re-assemble a field stripped 1911 after it

has been properly cleaned and maintained.

Remember to follow proper safety procedures when handling the firearm. Also wear safety glasses as this firearm has a highly compressed spring that can break loose and cause eye injuries.

Step 1: Slide Assembly

Start by inserting the barrel into the slide frame. This is done by first taking the barrel and

putting the chamber end through the front opening of the slide frame, and then pushing it through until the muzzle end is even with the front end of the slide frame.

Next install the spring support component by sliding the tip into the slide frame from the back side in the direction of the muzzle, and setting the support end onto the already inserted barrel.

Step 2: Slide Assembly to the Lower Frame

Take the entire slide assembly and align with the lower

frame slots. Push the slide assembly onto the lower frame, and continue to slide backwards until the holes line up for the slide assembly lock lever. You should be able to see through the holes for the lock lever on both the slide assembly and the lower frame. Then notch on the slide assembly should also be lined up with the notch on the lower frame.

Insert the locking lever to the slide assembly, and push the slide assembly forward into the cocked position.

If done properly the slide assembly should not be able to slide off of the lower frame. If it does remove the lock lever, check the hole alignment again, and re-attach the lock lever.

Step 3: Installing the Spring and Barrel Lock

with the slide in the cocked position take the barrel lock and insert it to the slide. Leave in the twisted unlock position.

Next take the spring and insert it on to the spring frame, put the spring retainer on top.

Use your thumb to depress the spring and retainer, until you can move the barrel lock over slightly to hold it in place.

In this step move the barrel retainer just enough to hold the spring retainer in place and move to the next step.

Step 4: Lock the Barrel Retainer

Using the tool, or your hand if you don't have a tool, depress the spring retainer further down, and twist the barrel retainer the rest of the way into the locked position.

Your firearm is now reassembled and ready to go to the range.