Introduction: Kitchen Aid Slicer Attachment

The Kitchen Aid slicer is a very useful tool for many culinary desires. Grading cheese,slicing vegetables ect.

The first cutter pictured is the fine shredder, the middle is the medium shredder, and right hand side is the slicer.

Step 1: Remove the Port Plug

Unscrew the stopper knob, and pull out the accessory port plug.

Set it in a safe place where it can be found easily later.

Step 2: Add the Slicer Frame to the Machine

Install the frame to the accessories port by pushing in and twisting until it locks in place.

Step 3: Lock the Frame in Place

Tighten the accessories knob to hold the frame to the slicer in place.

Step 4: Drive Mechanism

install the drive shaft into the accessory port.

Step 5: Insert the Chosen Shredder Type to the Drive Shaft

Choose the proper shredder for your need.

Place it on the drive shaft, and rotate counter clockwise until it snaps in place.

Your unit is done and ready to be used.