Introduction: How to Re-haft an Axe

About: I am an A-level student in the UK

I found an old axe head in the garage without a handle and decided to make a new one. As I wanted to make a short handle I could use almost any wood for the handle so decided on some reclaimed oak. If you want a long handle for a large axe, use more shock resistant wood such as ash or hickory.

The tools used were a knife, coping saw, chisels, a hammer and sand paper.

Step 1: Shape the Handle

First cut the grip of the handle; the shape is not critical so make whatever feels right. I didn't photograph this bit but you can see it in the final product.

Then cut the part that goes in the axe head. I used a chisel and a knife to cut the eliptical profiled section. Make your cuts towards the bit end of the handle. The finish doesn't matter but make sure it is a close fit.

Finally slit the part. I used a hacksaw.

Step 2: Attach the Head

Make a wedge from any hardwood. It should be shallow with a taper of only a few degrees. Hammer the wedge into the slit in the haft cut earlier, you could add a bit of glue at this point but it's not necessary.

Step 3: Finishing

Finally sand down the haft and finish it however you prefer; I used tung oil.

Note: If done incorrectly the axe head may come off when in use; this could be dangerous so please make sure to allways observe proper saftey procedures when using any axe.