Introduction: How to Redecorate the Office When Everyone Is Gone

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Have you ever shown up to work at 10:30 on Friday morning and went looking to see if anyone else wants to go get donuts with you only to discover there is not a single living human-being in the entire office?

Only then, you check your calendar and remember that April 17th is National Cheeseball Day. Why did no one remind you!?

Well, perhaps the day is not a total loss. If everyone is gone, then there is no one to object to your plan to redecorate the office.

Here is how to redecorate your workplace on those days when you show up to find yourself completely alone (and without objection).

Step 1: Make Sure Everyone Is Gone

Peek into everyone's office and make sure they are gone. A good indication that they are not in the office is that their laptop and personal belongings are missing.

If their stuff is strewn about the office, then perhaps they went out to get donuts or are in the bathroom. Wait fifteen minutes and check again. Chances are you are not alone.

Step 2: Decide What Needs Changing

Look around the office and decide what is in need of changing or "brightening up."

Go room to room and take note of what could use a little "livening."

Step 3: Improve Fan Art

Nothing says "biggest fan" like a giant picture of yourself. Take down all of that other puny 8.5" x 11" fan art and set it aside for a later date for safe-keeping.

It's now time to show your boss how big of a fan you are!

Rasterbate a giant image of yourself and tack it to the wall! Everyone will be thankful you did!

Step 4: Livin' It Up

Yarn can effectively brighten up any boring old office and if you're like me, you have 300 extra skeens just lying around.

Look how well it worked for Noahw's fabulous office.

He will surely be highly appreciative that I took such careful consideration in adding a touch of subtle color to his desk, chair and ceiling fixtures. How could anyone not be?

Step 5: Make It More Inviting

When I approached the office of fungus amungus I was honestly a little intimidated. He had a gold record on the wall, after all.

I decided to make his office a little more inviting. The most inviting thing I could think of was furry fabric, but unfortuately I could not cover the entire door. I ran out. So, I figured the next most inviting thing was yellow felt, but that did not cover the entire door either. So, I ended up adding some blue linen and brown other stuff. The effect?

Very inviting!

So inviting, in fact, that I felt welcomed to move inside of his office where I first noticed his chair lacked a backing! This is not very ergonomic. I decided to find him every chair that I could with a backing so that he could try them all out. I'm sure he will appreciate that.

Step 6: Realize You Are Not Alone

Discover that you are not the only one who didn't get the memo about National Cheeseball Day when you go to redecorate the programmer's room.

In spite of a thorough sweep of the building in the morning, it turns out that people on off sleep schedules show up at all hours and valiantly fight back redecoration of their office.

Some people are just unappreciative!

Step 7: ...on an Unrelated Note

Longtime friend of Instructables - Matt - has succeeded in eating an entire cake pop in one bite.

For this accomplishment he has won a dollar and a certificate on the wall of achievement (not pictured).

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