Introduction: How to Remove Toughest Stain Ever

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Hi friends in this instructable i am going to tell you some techniques to clean hardest stain i ever faced

From the above image you can see the condition of spoon which on the kitchen untouched for years

These kind of stain are formed on things which is near by gas stove and not used for years

These kind of stain is hard to remove even with metal brush even if we manage to scrape it out it sticks tom the brush and makes even more harder to remove or re use the brush

Step 1: Things Required

  1. backing soda
  2. brush
  3. vinegar
  4. waste cloth

Step 2: Preparation

The first thing to do is to dilute the baking soda with water

make sure that the consistency of the solution is good enough to apply over stain

Step 3: Process

Apply the baking soda solution to the stain like the image show'n above and let it set for a minute

Step 4:

spray some vinegar over the surface and you can see the surface starts bubbling

Step 5:

Now you can use a piece of cloth to clean the surface

you can wipe out the stain from the spoon by applying some pressure on it

The stain tend to loosen up after the treatment and can be easily removed by the cloth

note (use a waste cloth because the cloth become unusable after this process)

Step 6:

You can see the result on the above image

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