Introduction: How to Replace the Elastic in a Skirt Waistband

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In this Instructable you will learn how to replace the elastic in a skirt waistband. My eight-year-old told me, as we were leaving the house on the way to school, that her dress had become loose and asked me could I fix it please? When I looked the elastic was shredded with only a tiny thread left holding her skirt up. You can see this in the second photograph.

I did not have time to repair it and get her to school on time and hoped it did not snap whilst she was at school! Thankfully it didn't and I managed to repair it that evening. I love sewing and fixing things; I have been very busy working on my new RatMat Rodent Repellent Flooring which we are launching soon. It's a completely new type of rat repellent which works like an electric fence on the floor. You can see it here; I love inventing things. I have also invented some awesome moulded ear plugs which have are really good for swimming, sleeping and snoring.

Step 1: You Will Need

1) Cotton

2) A sewing needle

3) Broad dressmaker's elastic

4) Sharp scissors

5) A wire hook or some pliers to pull the elastic through the hole

6) Scissors

7) Pliers or a wire hook (I used my Leatherman)

Step 2: Cut a Hole

Here you can see in the first photograph where the elastic runs through the top of the skirt. On the right it is fastened by a button which can be used to tighten or loosen the skirt as there are holes in the elastic for it to fit through. Cut a small hole on the inside of the skirt over the opposite end of the elastic from the button. You can see this in the second and third photos. In the fourth photo you can clearly see the elastic through the hole.

Step 3: Pull the Elastic Through

Use the pliers or a hook to pull the elastic through the hole. I carry my Leatherman all the time; it's so useful for general DIY, fixing things and working on inventions like the RatMat. Having spent 6 years developing it we are finally really close to launch! It came about when my father-in law had his car damaged by rats and he desperately asked me to invent something to stop it happening. I always have to be doing something so have loved researching and developing the product.

Step 4: Tie or Sew on the Elastic

Tie or sew some new elastic to the base of the old elastic. Use the scissors to cut through the old elastic, leaving a couple of inches attached to the dress, if this part of the elastic is still good. I decided to stitch it as well, as you can see here. If the base of the elastic is damaged then stitch the new elastic to the inside of the waistband.

Step 5: Use the Old Elastic to Pull the New Elastic Through

Use the old elastic which is still running through the edge of the dress to pull the new elastic through.

Step 6: Tie a Loop in the Elastic

Tie a loop in the end of the elastic nearest the bottom. Make the elastic length about the same as the old elastic in the skirt. Loop the end around the button.

Step 7: Cut the Elastic and You're Done!

Cut the elastic to length, if you have not already done so. Push the knots inside the edge of the dress then sew up the hole. You're done!

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