How to Roast a Pig in "The Wild"

Introduction: How to Roast a Pig in "The Wild"

This summer my friends and I went on our annual camping trip and decided to take it one step further and roast a piglet. Here is our experience and some inspiration so that you can do it to. There's a bit at the end that highlights the bugs with our experience so take special note that. Enjoy!

Step 1: Pick and Prep a Pig

For the pig roast, I picked a piglet about the size of what is seen in the picture. If I'm not mistaken this one was about 30 - 35Kg. Then you need to clean it. I got one of my buddies to take care of this part for me but the steps are simple and are as follows:

  1. Remove the internal organs and the eyes.
  2. Thoroughly wash the pig
  3. Shave the hair off the skin with a sharp knife or a razor blade. [This can be tedious]
  4. Thoroughly was the pig (Again!)

Step 2: Step 2: Seasoning

This next step is about seasoning the pig. The pig was placed rubbermaid tote about 36X16 Inches. Any large container will do the trick but make sure you have a freezer that it will fit into.

To Season the pig, we used a wet seasoning made from garlic, onions, chives, cilantro and a few other basic herbs as well as olive oil and Salt (quite a bit of salt).

This home made seasoning was generously lathered all over the piglet before it was placed in the freezer to chill for about a week.

It is important to chill the piglet. A week isn't necessarily the amount of time needed. The prep work was just done the weekend before we had planned to go camping.

Step 3: Step 3: Setting Up the Aparatus

Here is our campsite. Its a secluded spot on the east coast of the island of Barbados. The water you see there is the Atlantic Ocean. But lets get back on track

With a little bit of metallurgic magic, we were able to fabricate a fire pit as seen there. We used 2 truck rims for our pit and some poles with a threaded road rested in between them.

For the fire we used charcoal briquettes and alot of breadfruit wood. Depending on where you life use what is available.

Step 4: Step 4: Get Him on the Rod.

Next step is to get him on the rod. Not going to get into too many details. Umm... yes we went through the bum. We stitched the belly back together with stainless steel welding rod. and began cooking.

Step 5: Step 5: Cook and Enjoy

To evenly cook the pig we gave it a quarter turn about ever 20 minutes and this seemed to do the trick great. We basted it with barbecue sauce each time aswell. Cook until the skin is nice and crispy and starts to break on its own. Ours took about 6 - 7 hours so be prepared for that.

Step 6: Looking Back

  • Looking back there are a few things I would've liked to do differently and they are as follow:
  • The pig had a tendency to slip on the rod. Next time we will weld some cross junctions on the rod to stop the pig from slipping as we turn it.
  • The upright poles required the pig to be place on the road will it was on the poles. If that makes any sense to you. Anyway, next time we will build it so that the road can place on the poles after pig has been place on the rods
  • Finally, the text design we would like to have a way to automatically rotate the pig at a set speed. I know this may be hard when your camping away from electricity. But how about a counterweight system that uses a water filled container... idk just a thought.
  • Remember guys be patient and enjoy... Try this for yourself and post your experience
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    5 years ago

    what we do usually is we take a large pot and fill it with water and put it and a big fire. when the water reaches its max you dip the pog in. and when he comes out you scrape the airs and such of with ease.


    5 years ago

    i think u can use a torch or other fire to burn the hair off the pig, instead of shaving.