Introduction: How to Scoop an Avocado With a Zebra Spoon

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quick and easy trick using a zebra spoon

you will need:

1. a knife

2. a zebra spoon ( or a spoon of equal shape and thickness)
3. a washed avocado

(cutting board is also optional)

Step 1: Reason for the Spoon

the zebra spoon has a nice thin metal construction and the deep curvature fits really well inside the avocado skin thus making it easy to scoop out with no waste or mess

purchased mine from a local Asian grocery store but these can be found for sale online

just search " zebra spoon pack" on amazon or ebay to find results

Step 2: Cut, Scoop,enjoy

1. cut your avocado in half around the sides to the central pit and then gently twist the two halves away from each other to release one side from the pit

2. remove pit ( if you arent skilled enough with a knife, please do not strike the pit with it in your hand)

3. insert spoon between the skin and tasty insides, gently scrap around the perimeter till you reach the beginning and then scoop it out, any extra that didn't come out can be easily removed with the spoon

4. clean up and enjoy your avocado

it is that simple and while you can do it plenty of other ways, this is my method