Introduction: How to Sew an Mini Minion Messenger Bag

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I made a "Dora bag" few months ago before making this "Minions" bag and I also mentioned that I stitched the bag in last minute without much preparation.I wanted to try sewing a messenger bag in a proper way with apt measurements and procedure. I got another opportunity to sew a messenger bag and share with you all .This time it is "Minions bag" that I made as a gift for my cousin's daughter.Yay!! Lets see how to sew.

Step 1: Materials Required

1/2 yard Minions fabric


Matching color thread


Straight pins

Magnetic Clasp button -1Marking Chalk

Fabric Scissors

Minions button(Optional -pictorial at the end)

Sewing Machine

Step 2: Cutting the Fabric Pieces

Cut the outer fabric, lining and interfacing as per measurements specified below.

For the body of the messenger bag :

Outer fabric,Lining,Interfacing - 2 pieces each in 6.5" X 7"

(I am using the same fabric for outer and lining but you can change it as desired.)

For the flap:

Outer fabric, Lining and Interfacing - 1 piece each in 5" X 5.5"

For handle:

1 piece in 30" X 3" ( if you don't have 30" long piece, you can join the pieces together to attain that length ).

Iron the interfacing on all the outer fabrics (2 body pieces and 1 flap)

Step 3: Attaching the Magnetic Clasp

Attach the magnetic clasp to outer fabric of the body piece in front and on the lining side of the flap. Make sure both the clasps are aligned.

Iron a piece of interfacing for extra strength on the wrong side. Mark the area where you have to insert the magnetic clasp and make two slits.Insert the button and put the metal piece of the button to secure the button in place and use the edge of scissors to bend the button. Repeat the same process for flap piece.

Place both the outer fabrics right side facing each other and stitch around three sides on the edges with 1/8" seam allowance leaving the top open.Do the same with lining pieces of the body. Similarly, Place the outer fabric and lining of the flap right sides facing each other and stitch around the edges with 1/8" seam allowance with one side open. Cut on the corners of seam allowance diagonally to avoid bulkiness.Turn inside out using the open side and Iron.Now , you have two body pieces(Outer and lining) and one flap piece.

Step 4: Square the Bottom of the Bag

Now square the bottom of the bag.Take the outer body piece and mark 1/2 " square on the corners. Pinch the corner to form a triangle and use straight pin to secure the pattern. When you pierce the pin your pin should come out on the stitch line on the other side which means the triangle is formed correctly . Make a stitch perpendicular to the stitch line which is already there to square the corners.Repeat the same on other side.

Step 5: Making of the Handle

Take the long piece for handle and fold the sides for 0.75" on each side and Iron.Fold that into half so that the final width of the handle is 1.5" and Iron. Make a stitch on both the sides with 1/8" seam allowance.Your handle is ready.

Step 6: Arranging All the Pieces.

Arrange all the pieces together.First take the outer body part with wrong sides facing you.Then place the handle on the sides and pin them .The whole handle should be inside.May sure it is not twisted. Now place the lining part with right sides facing the right side of the outer part.(Picture 1) Then insert the flap part between the outer part and inner lining part with right sides of the flap facing the outer part of the fabric. Do this on the non- button side of the outer part.(Picture 2)Pin all the layers together. Make a stitch all around leaving 3" gap in the front (Button side) to turn everything out.

Step 7: Finishing the Bag.

Use the gap and turn everything out and close the gap. Make a top stitch all around to complete the bag. Voila !! Minion bag is now ready :)As you all know I love personalizing things, So I made my own minion button to add as an embellishment to the bag.I made the button as minion holding a speech bubble and I wrote my cousin's daughter name there.Cool, right ?

Step 8: Pictorial of Making Minion Button Using Polymer Clay

Here is the pictorial of Minion button. I just referred an image from google and made the polymer clay cutting using Xacto knife.I made two holes to sew as a button in the bag and also added some fabric glue for extra safety.I baked the polymer clay at 275F for 30 min as per the instruction on the package. I used markers for writing the name and adding lip color.

Step 9: Gift Wrapping Idea for Wrapping the Bag

This is how I wrapped the gift. It's all "Minionssss" ;) Use a yellow wrapping paper to wrap the gift as you normally would and use black and white cardstock , brown and grey markers to add details.Thats it !!

Hope you enjoyed learning how to sew a mini messenger bag along with mini pictorial of button and wrapping idea. You can use the same steps and make a large one for you or mini bag for your toddler. Use the favorite cartoon print or pattern of the recipient and I am sure it will be a "hit".Sorry for the poor pictures in between those where taken with my mobile as my camera went for service.Hope you understand.If you have any doubt ,feel free to ask.. Do try it and let me know. Share what you think in the comments below.

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