Introduction: How to Shade With Prismacolor Pencils

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LETS begin! the first picture I have of the islands was created by me, but today we are talking about shading/ creating 3 dimensional figures.It's always good to have nice, sharp Pencils so begin by taking a pencil sharpener, (For better results, try using a metal sharpener or a high quality sharpener) to keep your pencil "healthy" my teacher always used to tell our class techniques to sharpen your pencil. Instead of turning your pencil to sharpen, hold your pencil firmly and turn the sharpener itself. It may feel a little odd, but you will get used to it!

Step 1: Shading: Draw a Circle

First draw a circle, we will be transforming this to a 3 Dimensional sphere. You can free draw a circle or use a template.

P.S. you don't have to use a circle template, you can use cups, cookie cutters, glue caps etc. Use your imagination!

I decided to Free draw it but if it looks a little off, don't worry! Next if you want to line it, you can. I like to ink it with a ultra thin sharpie or pen for practice.

If you don't ink it, skip this part.
If you inked your circle, erase your pencil/ sketch lines. MAKE SURE YOU LET INK DRY BEFORE ERASING!!
*DISCLAIMER* Look at finished product with inking before you outline shape! You may not like/ enjoy the outlines look :)

Step 2: Shading: Initial Color

Today I will be demonstrating with the color "Poppy red". Start by finding your highlight and drawing it in. Do the same for your shadow. I also added a sun so I won't forget we're my sunlight is. Next start by laying your first color down. Use small circular movements. Make sure to leave a "force field" around your highlight.

Step 3: Shading: Darker Color

Begin to take darker colors and shade them at the bottom. I used "Crimson Red" to darken it up. Erase the highlight and lightly go around the highlight, maybe even so light that you can barely tell that you laid Color down. Now, on the darkest part of the object, lay a small amount of the complementary color down. If you use red like me, lay green down. Blue, use a little bit of orange and so on. Keep on layering more dark colors down.

Step 4: Shading: Shadow

In my opinion the shadow is probably the most important part in creating 3D objects. I use black and browns. First make a slim rectangle right against the object. We will NOT be coloring this in!! If you want, you can just imagine this rectangle. I used "Black", "Indigo Blue", and "Dark Brown". Now just feather out the shadow. And your done!!

Step 5: Finished!

Lastly you can top it of my using small circular movements with the color "white" to really blend in the colors together. Be careful because it may lighten up your colors!Now you can keep on practicing! Now that I've finished it, I realize that I shouldn't have inked it. I will make sure to put a disclaimer! If you like the ball with a outline go ahead, but in my opinion, I wasn't that much fond of it. I hope that you understood me and enjoyed this little lesson, it was my first Instructable so I hope you guys like it!