Introduction: How to Shave a Pumpkin

Items needed

1) Pumpkin

2) Tape

3) Pumpkin shaver and stencil roller

4) Stencil

5) Pen or Rub-a-Dub sharpie

Step 1: Pick Out a Pumpkin!

When picking out a pumpkin, be sure to select the one with the least imperfections in order to make it easier to shave.

Step 2: Buy Necessary Utensils

In this case, the necessary utensil would be a pumpkin shaver.

Step 3: Select a Stencil

Go online to search for your desired stencil that will be used to shave onto the pumpkin. In many cases, the pumpkin shaver will come with a stencil booklet.

Step 4: Paste Stencil

Mount the stencil onto the pumpkin (tape would work the best.)

Step 5: Trace Stencil

Trace the desired stencil design onto the pumpkin by using the stencil roller that came in the pack with the previously purchased pumpkin shaver.

Step 6: Take Off the Stencil

Carefully dismount the stencil off the pumpkin.

Step 7: Retrace Stencil

If needed, go over the stencil with a pen. This usually helps make it easier to see the design when shaving.

Step 8: Insert Blade

Insert the specific blade needed into the pumpkin shaver. Within the pumpkin shaver pack, there were three optional blades. This included a sharp edged, rounded edged, and a square edged blade. Each having a different function.

Step 9: Begin Shaving

This is the fun part! Now, using the specific blade needed, carefully shave over the lines created by the stencil.

Step 10: Smooth Everything Out

Once you are done shaving the design onto the pumpkin, go back in and smooth the shaved lines out.

Step 11: Present Pumpkin

Now that your pumpkin is now shaved with a nice design, present your pumpkin in any way you want to inside your home or outside!