Introduction: How to Show Respect in Colombia

This DIY will explain how you show respect in 3 different scenarios when you are in Colombia

Step 1: Dinner Etiquette

Dinner Etiquette is very important and formal in Colombia. Below are some rules you should follow:

a. Wait until the host seats you

b. Both hand should always be visible when you are eating and do not rest your elbows on the table

c. You can only start eating once the host give you an invitation to start eating by saying "Buen Provecho"

d. Only serve yourself what you are going to eat, but also you should leave a small amount of food on your plate when you are finish eating

e. Never use a toothpick at the table

Step 2: Meeting Someone and Greeting Them

When you meet someone for the first time:

a. Men shake hands with direct eye contact

b. Women will either kiss on the cheek or grasp forearms.

Once a friendship has developed

a. Men will tend to pat each other on the shoulder "un abrazo"

b. Women will kiss once on the right cheek

Step 3: Kids and Their Parents

There are certain things parents educate their kids with:

a. You never just say yes or no, yo say yes sir yes ma'am

b. You look at people in the eyes when talking to them

c. When you are eating dinner you do not leave the table until everyone is done, and even when everyone is done you ask for permission to stand up

d. No electronics in the dinner table

e. When walking into an apartment you let the adults by first

f. When serving your dinner, you let the adults go first

g. When there is one piece of food left on the dinner table, you ask you parents if they want it before you take it

All of those rules apply when you are with any adult