Introduction: How to Smoke a Brisket on a Weber Kettle BBQ

This is one of those recipes I get asked for a lot.

Brisket takes a long time to cook but with some tender love and care it can be done on a standard kettle BBQ.

Step 1: For This Cook We Are Going to Use the Snake Method.

So the first thing we need to do is open the bottom vents half way.

Lay out a line of charcoal along the edge of the BBQ creating the “snake” By lining the edge of the BBQ the charcoal will slowly self-light.

Make sure the charcoal sits together well and has enough space for the air to flow through the charcoal.

Step 2: Now to Light the Chimney, Using a Chimney Is by Far the Easiest and Quickest Way to Light Charcoal.

For the snake method, we only need to light three to four pieces of charcoal.

You can use a lighter brick like I’m using or newspaper. I like newspaper leaves to much soot in the BBQ.

Light and place under the chimney.

The flame from the lighter will be drawn up the chimney and light the charcoal.

Step 3: We’ll the Charcoal Heat Up Let’s Focus on the Meat.

For the rub as equal parts salt and black pepper.

Seal with a lid and shake.

Step 4: Next, You’ll Need a Piece of Brisket.

I like to use the point of the brisket, it has more flavor and has a higher fat content makes hard to dry out but you can also use the flat.

Fully coat the brisket with the rub, this rub is extremely basic so feel free to try other flavors.

Step 5: After About 10 Minutes the Charcoal Should Be Nicely Lit.

Pour the charcoal into the center of the BBQ and using an old pair of bbq tongs move the lit charcoal to the start of the snake.

Next place pieces of wood clips along the snake.

As the charcoal self-lights the wood chips will smoke.

I’m using a water pan; this will help catch any fat but it will also add moisture.

Step 6: Place Grate Over Top and Make Sure to Always Have a Temp Gauge in the BBQ to Monitor the Heat.

Place the brisket over the water pan.

Cover with the lid.

Fully open the top vent.

This brisket will take 8 to 10 hours to cook.

Step 7: After the First Hour, Brush With Watered Down Apple Cider Vinegar.

This will help keep the brisket from drying out, repeat really hour.

Step 8: After 6 Hours the Brisket Has a Nice Colour and Its Time to Wrap.

Mop the brisket before wrapping in a couple layers of foil.

Place back on the BBQ for another 4 hours.

Step 9: At the 8 or 9 Hour Mark the Meat Should Start to Feel Tender.

If you like to cook by temp, you’re aiming for any time between 200f to 205f.

I like to take mine off at 190 degrees because after it’s been rest for an hour the carryover heat will finishing cooking the meat.

So from here, take the brisket off the BBQ and let rest for at least an hour.

Step 10: All That’s Left to Do Is Slice Into This Brisket.

There you have it! Brisket on the Weber.

Slice into pencil-thick pieces.

This brisket is juicy and tender.

With a little tender love and care you can smoke a BBQ with a kettle BBQ.