Introduction: How to Solve a Rubik's Cube

Rubik's Cubes have been around for decades. These simple puzzles are very easy to solve yet the general population dont know how to solve them. That ends today. This easy to follow guide will get you right on your way to mastering the Rubik's Cube!

This requires you to know the following moves in the third picture and have a general understanding of how the algorithms are performed but not how they are used.


1. Rubik's Cube

2. Ability to follow instructions

Step 1: The Cross

The first step of solving the cube is getting a white cross to appear on any of the sides. For this example, we will start with the white side. This step is extremely intuitive because there are no other solved pieces to look out for.

Step 2: First Layer

The goal for this step is to arrange the corners fo the first layer into the right positions and orientations. For this, we will need to use 3 algorithms depending on the case. I will be referring to the picture with the three unsolved first layers. We will use algorithm 1 for the first picture, 2 for the second and 3 for the third.

Once finished it should look like the second picture


1. F' D' R

2. F D F

3. F L D2 L' F

Step 3: Second Layer

The second layer is a step up in difficulty from the last two but it still is very easy if you follow the instructions carefully.

Refer to the first image and follow the algorithm depending on your case. If the side piece is in the second layer, do the opposite to get it up to the third layer.

Step 4: Last Layer Cross

This is arguably the easiest step of all. just be careful when following the algorithms. use the first picture to identify where to start and how to orient the cube. The yellow side should be up. Repeat the algorithm in the second picture until the cross is completed. If you already have a cross, then skip this step.

Step 5: Move Yellow Edges

We are trying to get the edges in the correct position here, and still keep them facing the correct way. Use the algorithm in the picture to do this. Orient the cube so that the first side you are swapping is facing towards you and the other one is on the left side. Repeat until the side is in the right place.

Step 6: Position Corners

These last two steps dealing with the corners are a bit tricky but with care can be solved with ease. when performing this algorithm, find the corner of the last layer that is in its place. Then, simply perform the algorithm while the correctly placed piece is in the front right position. It will swap the corners as shown in the second picture. repeat until all are in the correct position.

Step 7: Orient Last Layer

This is the final step in solving the cube! This will rotate the corners into there correct orientations. This is by far the most confusing step. Read carefully. This will look like you are totally messing the cube up but IT ISNT. Follow the instructions

Only focus on the corner which you are moving at that time which will be the top right corner.

1. Perform the algorithm either two or four times depending on if it is the correct orientation when you are done with doing it two times.

2. Once it is the correct orientation, make a U move by rotating the top clockwise once.

3. Repeat step 1 until the cube is solved.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have successfully solved your Rubik's Cube