Introduction: How to Take Care of a Bearded Dragon

the things that you need are a cage, paper towels, a water dish, a food dish, crickets,a cricket pen a worm dish, super worms, and of course a bearded dragon

Step 1: Step 1 Turn on the Bearded Dragons Ultra Violet Light and There Basking Light for 12 Hours

Step 2: Feeding Your Bearded Dragon

take your bearded dragons food dish and fill it up with vegtables I use water grass and kale

Step 3: Giving Your Bearded Dragon Water

take your bearded dragons water dish and fill it up with water unfilterd or filltered and put it in the cage in a corner

Step 4: Feeding Your Bearded Dragon Crickets

go to your cricket pen take 10-20 crickets put them in a cup and pour them all over the cage

Step 5: Cleaning the Cage

cleaning the cage is simple and only needs to be clean once every week by taking everything out of the cage and replace the paper towels

Step 6: Giving Your Bearded Dragon a Snack

bearded dragons snacks are worms bananas ans shredded carrots take the worm dish and put 4-6 worms in the dish 4 one day 5 the next then 6 then repeat.

Step 7: Peparing for Night Time

make sure before you turn your bearded dranons light you take out his worm dish and his food dish

Step 8: Your Bearded Dragons Water Dish May Almost Be Empty

keep im mind your bearded dragon likes to roam around at night so you shouls leavee the water dish in there and refill it

Step 9: Check the Tempature

make sure the tempature is around 80 degrees before you turn the lights off

Step 10: Night Time

now that you made sure that he has the right tempature you can turn off his uv light and his basking light