Introduction: How to Take More Images Than Before From ClipArt

  • Hey this is my 3rd Instructable I was confuse what to tell next ,so I madeup of this,
  • "How to take more images than before from ClipArt"

Step 1: What Do I Need +

Things needed are,

  • I use Microsoft 2007 Powerpoint

Here a link to download Microsoft 2007 Package

  • You also need internet connection
  • I use a PC

Step 2: Open

  • Open Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 (I use PowerPoint you can use Word too )
  • Under the Home Tab go to New Slide
  • Then Click Blank

Step 3: Goto Insert

  • Then go to Insert Tab and then Click ClipArt.
  • You can see ClipArt on the left side of the screen.

Step 4: Goto

  • Now goto Serch in
  • And Click Everywhere
  • Remember that this need internet Connection
  • When I Searh Instructables before do these steps I didn't get the images but after I follow these Steps I get images about Instrucatables
  • Enjoy