How to Pull Out Laundry From a Washing Machine

Introduction: How to Pull Out Laundry From a Washing Machine

Pulling out laundry from a washing machine can be done in many ways, but 2 are most popular:

  • Put a bucket and pull out laundry into it
  • Try to hold as much laundry as possible directly with your arms (and sometimes body)

Both techniques have disadvantages:

Bucket option:

  • You need to buy a bucket
  • It occupies some space
  • It adds small extra weight to transported laundry
  • You always need to go back to Your washing machine with an empty bucket

No-bucket option:

  • It's almost impossible to transport all of Your laundry in one go
  • Small clothes fall on the floor on a way between a washing machine and drying rack.

In this Instructable I want to present an improvement version of "no-bucket" option.

Step 1: Make a Support Surface

First we need to choose a support sheet which will be used for the pullout later. The best option is to use some textile thing which was just washed by washing machine. The best option is to use some T-shirt or a towel. It needs to be big enough to cover all our laundry in a washing machine. For this Instructable we will use a T-shirt.

Then spread it and put it on top of the laundry which is still in a washing machine. Make sure it covers as much area as possible. You can leave some piece of our T-shirt to lay on a side.

Step 2: Hold the Support

Now we need to hold the supporting T-shirt. We do it with our arms crossed. Make sure Your hands are on top of a T-shirt, not aside of it.

Some advices:

  • You can hold a T-shirt with You hands.
  • You can push the T-shirt down so our laundry gets a little bit squashed.

Step 3: Make a Turn

Now we need to make a half turn by moving our arms together with a washing machine's inner drum. Obviously, our hands cannot rotate 360° so during this move You need to rotate Your hands accordingly but try to keep the T-shirt covering the laundry.

After that,
You should have Your hands under the supporting T-shirt and all our wet laundry laying on top of it.

Step 4: Pull Out the Laundry

Now it's time to finally pull out our wet laundry. You can squash it with Your arms and supporting T-shirt.

And You've done it!

Now You can take Your laundry to a drying rack or tumble dryer.

One additional feature of this technique: When You lay the whole thing on a drying rack, the supporting T-shirt prevents small clothes (like socks) to fall through the rack's wires. I find it really nice additional feature.

I hope this life hack helps You now pulling out your laundry more efficient.


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