Introduction: How to Take a Picture With a 35mm Camera

How to take a picture with a AE-1 35mm camera

Step 1: Step 1: Camera

Begin with camera and film

The film should already be inside the camera ready to take photo

Step 2: Step 2 Film

Make sure you have both items if film is needed

Film is located in the back like such

Step 3: Step 3 Use Camera's Hold

Make sure you place the camera around your neck to have a proper secure of the camera, for the best results of photo

Step 4: Step 4: Holding Camera

Place the camera on your hand make sure you are holding the camera at a proper angel

Step 5: Step 5: Dial

Then you want to turn your dial on the top left to an IOS setting of your choice

Step 6: Step 6: Aperture

Choose an aperture

Step 7: Step 7 Wind Film

Wind the film by pulling the lever on the top right of camera

make sure the lever is pulled all the way back until you hear a click

Step 8: Step 8 Look Through Lens

Look through the viewer of the lens to create your shot

Step 9: Step 9 Adjust Lens

Adjust the lens to make sure you are creating a clear view to take the camera shot

Step 10: Step 10: Final

Then finally press the shutter located on the top right near the film to take your picture wind film again to take another shot if desired