Introduction: How to Thread a Singer Quantum Stylist 9960

I've only used this machine for a little while but so far i've really enjoyed it, it's quiet, light, easy to use and even just pretty to look at. This is a guide to help you thread your new machine. Good luck sewing and I hope you enjoy yourself.

(There's no commentary just background noise if you'd like to mute)

I'd also like to credit Valerie from Singer Sewing Company, her tutorial taught me how to use this machine and I used many keywords and helpful tips from her video: SINGER® QUANTUM STYLIST™ 9960 - Complete Video

Step 1: Removing the Bobbin

1.Raise the presser foot using the lever on the right (presser foot lever)

2. push the black button to the right (it's on the right of the clear cover in front of the presser foot)

3. take out the bobbin

Step 2: Setting Up the Thread

1. Open the lid of the machine (there's an easy hold to lift it up on the right top side).

2. Lift the spool to the right.

3. Pull off the spool cap.

4. Put your spool of thread on the spool pin, replace the cap, and push the spool back down.

5. Pull the string left to the piece labeled #1.

6. Bring your thread around it and continue up.

7. Above it hook it around the metal thread guide.

8. Continue right to the bobbin winding tension disk.

9. Wrap the thread under the longer piece on the right, into the small indent C shape, then wrap it once clockwise and continue right.

10. Insert the end of the thread into the hole on the bobbin, going into the hole on the bottom side of the top, and out the top.

11. While holding the tail end of the thread out of the way, snap your bobbin onto the spindle.

12. Move the spindle to the right which will engage the bobbin winding mode, a picture of a bobbin will also appear on your screen.

Step 3: Winding the Bobbin

1. Push down your presser foot to begin winding.

2. After several spins, stop for a second to cut the string coming out of the top, and then keep going.

2. Stop it whenever you think it's enough thread but if you want you could just let it keep going until it stops automatically when it's full.

3. Push it back to the left.

4. Remove the bobbin.

5. Cut the string attaching the bobbin to the spool.

Step 4: Threading the Bobbin

1. Make sure the bobbin thread is coming off in a counter clockwise direction(like a letter p)

2.Place the bobbin back in the bobbin case.

3. Bring the thread under the metal piece on the left and then lay the thread to the left side.

4. Replace the cover.

Step 5: Threading the Neadle

1. Assuming you just wound the bobbin, the top lid of the machine should already be open, with the spool in place. Take the tail of the thread and pull it to the left, you will see a rectangular shape labeled #1, wrap the thread under it and keep on tracing the line.

2. Keep tracing the thread past #2.

3. Trace the line down #3.

4. Make a U turn at #4 as it shows on the front of it.

5. Continue up to #5 and make another U turn.

6. Once you reach 6, put the thread through the thread guide(small hook above the needle).

7. Push down on the needle threader.

8. Thread the string under the hook on the needle threader, then in between the prongs against the needle.

9. Release your hold on the needle threader while holding the end of the string with light tension.

10. Pull out the little loop behind the needle.

Step 6: Finishing Up

1. Hold the needle thread out to the left

2. Turn the hand wheel(the big knob on the right side of the machine) 1 complete rotation towards you (sometimes this takes a few tries).

3. You'll see a new loop when you pull up the thread.

4.Pull the loop out.

4. Put both threads under the left notch of the presser foot.

6. Put the threads behind the foot.

7. Hooray! You did it!

Step 7: