Introduction: How to Tie a Full-Windsor Knot

Start by flipping your collar upwards to give

yourself enough room around your neck to begin tying your Full-Windsor knot.

Step 1: Starting Your Knot..

Cross your fat end of the tie over the skinny end horizontally.

Step 2: The Beginning of the Knot

From this point pull the fat end of the tie behind the skinny end and through the hole you have just made.

Step 3: Make Sure You Are Keeping Your Knot Tight

Behind the skinny end, then up through the hole, and out like this.

Step 4: Pull Tight, Halfway Done

The fat part of the tie should be horizontal to the small end and coming out to your right.

Step 5: Almost to the Finish Line..

From here, pull the fat part back towards your neck and pull the fat part through pulling tight. You should end with the fat part back to horizontal and exiting to your right.

Step 6: You Can See the Knot Forming!

Pull the fat part across your knot covering up your knot and ending horizontal and to the left.

Step 7: Give Yourself Some Slack in the Triangle of the Knot

Pull the fat part to the back part of your knot and exit upwards through the hole by your neck. Your fat and skinny part of the tie should be in line now.

Step 8: Slide It Through!

Push the fat part of the tie through the triangle you have created and pull tight.

Step 9: Pull Tight!

Pull your tie tight so the knot is secured.

Step 10: Adjust to Your Liking

Adjust the length of the tie to your liking by holding the skinny part and sliding the knot up.

Step 11: Enjoy Your New Look!

The finished product!