Introduction: How to Tie a Simple Tie

How to Tie a Simple Tie

Step 1: Raise Collar

Lift the collar on your shirt to an upright position.

Step 2: Begin the Knot

Put the tie around the collar, make sure the skinny side of the tie is positioned on your right side, and the thicker part of the tie on your left side.

Step 3: Cross Tie

Take the skinny side of tie and cross over the top of the thicker side. Now the skinny part should be on your left.

Step 4: Begin Forming the Knot

Take the big side fold under and around the skinny side which will create a knot. Hold knot with right hand

Step 5: Hold Knot

Hold the knot created with your right hand. You'll have made a full loop when you're done.

Step 6: Up and Through

Pull the wide side up through the loop you just created

Step 7: Push Through

Take big side and push it through the knot and pull down

Step 8: Pull Down

Pull skinny part of tie down as you pull the knot up to your collar

Step 9: Finishing Touches

Position Knot where desired on collar, adjust to comfort

Step 10: Final Product

Fold down collar around the neck and tie