Introduction: How to Track Your Hamster Wheel

Dustin, my dwarf hamster loves to run in his hamster wheel at night. I was wondering, how far and fast he runs. So I decided to install a speedometer.


Step 1: Calibrate Speedometer

  • First, you need to measure the hamster wheel's diameter
  • Multiply the diameter with π (3.14159....)
  • Use the result to calibrate the speedometer

Step 2: Install the Speedometer

  • Mount magnets on the outside of the hamster wheel
  • Install the sensor on the cage close enough to the magnet
  • Spin the wheel to check the speedometer

Step 3: Enjoy the Surprising Results!

Who would have thought that a hamster runs this much! Although tiny, Dustin runs around 18km / 11 miles in one night. I wouldn't be able to keep up with him :-)