Introduction: How to Train a Dog

Does your dog always run around the house never sit when coming in from the bathroom, beg at the dinner table, and even jump up on you or your guests? Now you and you guests will no longer have to deal with that, read this Instructable and your Dog wont look like the one shown up there

To Train your dog you will need

-A Dog

-Treats for your dog

- A Leash

Step 1: Trust

Get to know the dog let it sniff your hand give it your trust.

Step 2: Make the Dog Sit

When the dog needs to go to the bathroom let it go outside and when it needs to come inside make the dog sit by saying sit and if the dog doesn't sit block her from getting away and push the dog down a bit on her back and when she sits say sit.

Step 3: No More Begging at the Dinner Table

To prevent your dog from begging at the dinner table, just force it to lay down in its bed and stay there if the dog doesnt stay there, give it a rawhide or something like that and it will be working on it for a while and if the dog still comes back after finishing the treat send it back to its bed and make it stay.

Step 4: How to Teach Your Dog to Not Jump Up on Guests

To prevent your dog from jumping up on you and your guests the next time the dog jumps up on you turn around and make sure the dog isn't trying to jump up on you and don't let the dog jump up up on you and the dog just won't try to ever and not do it.