Introduction: How to Transport Plants in an Airplane

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If you ever find yourself wanting to gift someone a plant that needs to be transported. Or, if you find yourself gifted with a plant to take home...

Step 1: If You Have a Small Plant...

If you only have a small plant or plants, they can be put in a jar lid with the jar itself screwed on over the plant. be sure to pick a jar that fits the plant snug, but not too tight.

Step 2: For Larger Plants...

If you have a larger plant, you can make a holder yourself out of cardboard

Step 3: Start With Cardboard

Fold a sheet of cardboard that is at least as tall as your plant in the pot it will be transported in.

Cut notches into the cardboard at the height of the plant pot.Take care not to completely remove them.

Step 4: Do Not Remove Cut Parts!

Fold the notches inwards as shown.

Step 5: Final Assembly


Cut a circular piece of cardboard as shown to place into the pot to keep the dirt from escaping too much.

Then add it into the pot and wrap the other cardboard about the pot with the notches holding the pot in place.

Tape everything together with an additional piece of cardboard on the bottom to keep the plant in place.

Wrap this all in a clear plastic bag. Clear, because at the airport they really want to know what you have in there and you do not want to have to disassemble it at security :)

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