How to Trim a Pork Loin

Introduction: How to Trim a Pork Loin

Clean and dry the whole pork loin.

Step 1: Identify Lean Vs Fattier End

Once you have decided which end is leaner start cutting/slicing it into pork chops. It is personal preference on thickness.

Step 2: Roasting Time

The middle section is perfect to cut up and use as a roast. When thinking about sizes for the roast plan for a third of the loin.

Step 3: Faux Tenderloins

Now with the last third cut lengthwise down the middle. Now you have two pieces of the pork loin that we like to use as Pork Tenderloins.

Step 4: Complete

Using this method you have 4 cuts of meat for 4 separate meals.

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    5 years ago

    The title led me to think the Instructable would provide tips on how to trim fat and connective tissues with the least waste of meat. That's the hard part for me.