Introduction: How to Triple Crochet, Also Known As Treble Crochet!

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Would you like an easy stitch that works up fast?! Then you’ll love the Triple Crochet Stitch, also known as the Treble Crochet! Either way you want to say it…they’re both the same thing!

This stitch is one step up from double crochet, because it gives you more height! Thus producing an open look with a relaxed feel, fantastic for shawls, scarves and more! Plus, the large openings are perfect for weaving ribbon throughout!

Did I mention it was fast? If you’re familiar with Double Crochet, then you know how quickly that works up…Triple Crochet is even faster!!

So, grab your hook and yarn and follow along with me in the video, photo tutorial, or both to learn how to triple crochet!

Step 1: Chain 3

Normally you will chain 4, but since I am using a super bulky yarn…I like to chain 3. If you are using a smaller yarn, then chain 4.

Step 2: Yarn Over Once

Step 3: Yarn Over Again

You will yarn over twice when beginning a triple crochet.

Step 4: Insert Hook Through Stitch

Step 5: Yarn Over

Step 6: Draw Back Through Stitch

Step 7: You Now Have 4 Loops on Your Hook

Step 8: Yarn Over

Step 9: Draw Back Through 2 Loops

Step 10: You Should Have 3 Hoops

Step 11: Yarn Over

Step 12: Draw Back Through 2 Loops

Step 13: There Should Now Be 2 Loops Left on Your Hook

Step 14: Yarn Over

Step 15: Draw Back Through Last 2 Stitches

Step 16: You Now Have a Finished Triple Crochet!

You have now completed a Triple or Treble Crochet! You can see how much taller this is than a Double Crochet! And, if you love projects that go quickly…then this is your stitch!

Just repeat steps 1-12 for every Triple Crochet stitch you want to make.

I hope this was helpful to you, and if you have any questions feel free to ask me in comments below!

Happy Triple Crocheting!