Introduction: How to Turn a Broken Umbrella Into Clothes Storage Space

Umbrella are devices that can break down so easily! Be it because of a strong wind or poor handling from the user, there so many cases where we just end up frustrated because of it... Well, now is the perfect chance to use those broken umbrellas to create something we are all craving for: space!


- a broken umbrella

- adhesive paper

- paper and pen

Step 1: The Layers

Cut one on two layer of the umbrella.

The cut must be made in the middle of each layer of the umbrella, so you fold them over by the sides.

Step 2: The Border

Strap the borders with adhesive paper to make it compact.

The goal is to make sure that nothing will fall off.

Step 3: Personalize

Put whatever you want in the newly made storage space! Don't forget to add the nametag to remember what i'ts used for!

While this one is made for small objects, umbrella with stronger tissues will gladly welcome heavier objects!