Introduction: How to Turn in a Digital Art Exam on Time

Having a hard time turning projects in on time? Well using a method called D.I.C.E you can organize the process and go even faster with the project!

Step 1: Read the Exam Instructions

The instructions are your best friend! You must read them to know what you are doing. Follow whatever it says because you may miss something that will tank your grade. Instructions are the requirements that the teacher wants. In a Digital Art Exam you are given the instructions to create a video teaching a school related topic.

Step 2: Find a Topic

You need a topic for your exam. Find something that you can teach that you are good at and know what you are doing. having an idea on what you want will give a good and easy start. You could go online and look for ideas if you can' think of anything. For example, I had to go on a site called and when you clicked a quote it would give you a project idea.

Step 3: Discovery

Now that you have an idea it's time to ask yourself, what is your essential question? What do you want to teach people? It's important to know what you're trying to deliver to the audience.

Step 4: Notes

Make sure to take notes on your topic. It will help later when you are ready to do the video.

Step 5: Create a Storyboard

A storyboard is a visual script for the camera.

Step 6: Ideate

Now with your idea list out the steps and resources necessary to completing the project on time. Also make sure to list your goal with this project.

Step 7: Time to Create

Now begin to set up and create your exam video. Since I hate being on camera I will be using little paper illustrations. Also set up the camera at an acceptable angle with a tripod, which holds the camera for you. Oh, don't forget to make a script. DON'T WING IT! If you do it will take even longer to film and cameras have battery. Plus you don't want to stutter or screw up because this is your exam and you must have it perfect! It helps to make an organizer. For example in my previous projects I used a blog post.

Step 8: Edit Video to Perfection!

After taking the time to film it is now time to edit! Upload your videos, but import them don't drag them! If you do you when you pull out the USB cord you will delete the video in the process. The directions say that it is required that your video must be one minute and thirty seconds. Make sure you cut the film neatly and add music to it as well. Make sure you give credit and cite your sources. She will post it to YouTube, like in my previous video projects using D.I.C.E.

Step 9: Evaluate

Before you turn it in look it over. Check to see if you have delivered the message thoroughly. You must make sure that your transitions are smooth and the camera is not shaking. Be sure to look over the video requirements and see if you have them all.

Step 10: Turn It In

Make sure the file is titled Last name_FilmExam and make sure you turn it in how the teacher likes it. For example my art teacher wants us to AirDrop the video because it is easier and more effective when delivering a video. Remember it will most likely be on YouTube so do your best. I did my very best in my past project when making videos like this one. For example, my Kpop culture video.