Introduction: How to Uncrease a Shoe #hms2020

Tools you will need:Old socks,warm towel,creased shoes,and an iron

Step 1:

First step You need to put the old sock inside the shoe.Make sure the socks are on the part that is creased.Also you can use any socks but old socks that you dont use could be doesnt always have to be a sock it can be a old towel if you want.

Step 2:

Next you have to put the towel where the crease is.And make sure the towel is warm.If the towel is to hot it could make the iron burn it.And if the towel is to cold it could not work as better.

Step 3:

Next you want to heat up the iron.Also make sure not to burn your self of course.and of course make sure the iron is on.The iron cant be to old or else it could not function as it normally would.

Step 4:

Last make sure to rub on the towel and you have to keep rubbing and stop about every 20 seconds or the shoe will burn.And your shoes should be uncreased after that.If the iron is to cold it will not be as effective.Last you should be happy with the end result.

Step 5: Before and After and Conclusion

In conclusion I did not do it for enough time but it still worked a little. If you consistently do it for a long period of time it will eventually work. The shoe in the back is how both of the shoes used to look like and the shoe in the front is the end result and as you can see there is a difference of how the creases look.