Introduction: How to Use Delta WPL Soft Simulator Software? (Beginners)

About: SMART THINKERS makes tutorials of software use in engineering cycle. It will help engineering student to learn software easily.

Smart Thinkers will provide tutorials for those who wants to learn PLC programming using Delta PLC simulating by WPLSoft 2.41 Software.

Step 1: Install WPLSoft Simulator Version 2.41

Step 2: Make Project File

Step 3: Start Your Project

Step 4: Select NO (Normally Open Switch)

Step 5: Then Add NC (Normally Close) Switch

Step 6: Add Output Coil (Y0)

Step 7: Now Add TMR (Timer)

You can add TMR (timer) from F6 appilication instruction tool. Set (T0-T255) and value of K in seconds.

Step 8: Add CNT (Counter)

You can add CNT (counter) from F6 appilication instruction tool > Basic tools. Set (C0-C255) and value of K in how many counts you want.

Step 9: Start Simulator to RUN

Step 10: Then Write to PLC Button

Step 11: Then Run Button

Step 12: And Last Online Button

Step 13: Now Check Your Project

When X0 Sets ON, output Y0 will HIGH because of latching state due to X1.

Step 14: Check Timer and Counter

When X2 Sets ON, Timer start and will stop after 5 seconds and makes output Y1 HIGH. Timer will reset when you Set OFF X2.

When X3 Sets ON, Counter starts to count and will stop after 3 counts and makes output Y2 HIGH.

Step 15: Full Video of Tutorial