Introduction: Sampling Analogue Signal Tutorial | MATLAB

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In this tutorial, we are showing what is Sampling? and How to sampled an analogue signal using MATLAB software.

Step 1: What Is Sampling?

Conversion of Analogue Signal (xt) to Digital Signal (xn) is known as Sampling.

A continuous time signal can be represented by its samples and can be recovered back when sampling Freq (Fs) is greater than or equals to twice the message signal (Nyquist Rate).

Step 2: Display Commands to Enter Frequency

Enter Frequency of Message signal and Sampling Frequency.

Step 3: Specify Time Range of Signal

Step 4: Write Formula



Step 5: Write Sampling Formula



Step 6: Enter Frequency

Step 7: Result

Upper Signal: Orignal

Lower Signal: Sampled

Step 8: Complete Video Tutorial

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