Introduction: How to Use Gyro Sensor MPU6050 With "skiiiD"

Tutorial to use Gyro Sensor MPU6050 module with "skiiiD"

Before start, there is a basic tutorial for how to use skiiiD

Step 1: Launch SkiiiD

#1 Launch skiiiD and select New button

Step 2: Select Board

#2 Select ①Arduino Uno and then click ②OK button

Step 3: Add Gyro Sensor Component

#1 Click '+' (Add Component Button) to search and select the component.

Step 4: Search 'Gyroscope' Sensor

#2 ① search Gyroscope sensor Module on the search bar and

Step 5: Select Module

Click Gyro Module on the list

Step 6: Pin Indication and Configuration

#4 then you can see ③ pin indication. (You can configure it.)

#5 ④ click ADD button

Step 7: Added Module

#6 ⑤Added Module has appeared on right pane on the editor page.

Step 8: Nine Functions of Gyro Sensor

getAccelX() - Get Acceleration value of X-axis

getAccelY() - Get Acceleration value of Y-axis

getAccelZ() - Get Acceleration value of Z-axis

getGyroX() - Get Gyro value of X-axis

getGyroY() - Get Gyro value of Y-axis

getGyroZ() - Get Gyro value of Z-axis

getAngleX() - Get Angle of X-axis

getAngleY() - Get Angle of Y-axis

getAngleZ() - Get Angle of Z-axis

Step 9: Contact and Feedback

We are working on components and boards libraries.

Feel free to use it and welcome to feedback. Below is contact methods




or visit and go to Need help tab.

Comments are fine too!