Introduction: How to Use Max7219 8x8 Dot Matrix With "skiiiD"

This is a video instruction of Max7219 8x8 Dot Matrix via "skiiiD"

Before start, below is a basic tutorial for how to use skiiiD

Step 1: Launch SkiiiD

#1 Launch skiiiD and select New button

Step 2: Select Arduino UNO

#2 Select ①Arduino Uno and then click ②OK button

*This is Tutorial, and we use Arduino UNO. Other boards(Mega, Nano) have the same process.

Step 3: Add Component

#1 Click '+' (Add Component Button) to search and select the component.

Step 4: Search or Find a Component

#2 ① Type 'Dot matrix' on the search bar or find Dot matrix module on the list.

Step 5: Select Dot Matrix

#3 ②Click Dot matrix

Step 6: Pin Indication and Configuration

#4 then you can see ③ pin indication. (You can configure it.)

*This module has 5 Pin to connect skiiiD Editor automatically indicate pin setting *configuration available

[Default Pin Indication for Max7219 Dot Matrix Module] in case of Arduino UNO



DIN: 0

CS: 1

CLK: 2

#5 After configuring pins ④ click ADD button on the right below side

Step 7: Check Added Module

#6 ⑤Added Module has appeared on right panel

Step 8: SkiiiD Code of Dot Matrix Max7219

skiiiD Code is intuitive function-based codes. This is based on skiiiD libraries.

clear() - Turn off all Dot LED

son() - Turn on a specific coordinate of dot

LED off() - Turn off a specific coordinate of dot

LEDsetBrightness() - Set a brightness of led light (0 ~ 9)

displayNumber() - Display a number

displayAlphabet() - Display an alphabet

Step 9: Contact and Feedback

We are working on components and boards libraries. Feel free to use it and welcome to feedback. Below is contact methods



Facebook :

visit and go to Need help tab.

Comments are fine too!