Introduction: How to Use a 3D Printer to Make a Hat

For months me and my freind have worked on perfecting our project. Finally we have a good hat. This is an elmo hat that was made using a 3D printer.

Step 1: Tools and Resources Needed.


3D Printer


PLastic for printer


Step 2: Loging in and Creating a New Project

The very first thing you need to do to make anelmo hat is have a tinkercad account so you can use the 3d printer. Once your logged in create a new assignment and get to work.

Step 3: Getting a Picture and Makeing the Dome

A very helpful thing when making the elmo hat is to get a picture of elmo. The first step to makeing the elmo hat is to create the base. first you create a dome that fits your size. Then you want to creat a second dome that is a little smaller then the other and make it a hole. Center the two and you have the base.

Step 4: Creating the Eyes

This step is really easy. you are going tobe putting both eyes together and ontop of the domes.First you makeone sphere that will be the first eye then make a black circle for the pupils put them together andmake a copy. then place them on the head.

Step 5: Nose

Just make an orange sphere about the size of the eye. Then place it directly under remember to leave room for the mouth.

Step 6: Mouth

First take a half cylinder and stretch it tell it looks like a smile of your liking. Once you have it make it a hole and place it under the nose area to create the elmo hat.

Step 7: Last Step Holes for String

The last step is to justmake two holeson the side of the hat thats big enough for tring to go through.Dont make it to close to the bottom.

Step 8: What It Should Look Like

This is what your finished thing should look like then print it out

Step 9: