Introduction: How to Use a Lazar Cutter to Make a Stencil

I will be showing you how to use a Lazar cutting machine to create a stencil to transfer an image to any material you would like.


  • Card board
  • Translucent material for long lasting usage (OPTIONAL)
  • Lazar cutting machine
  • Paint or ink (OPTIONAL)
  • Airbrush machine (OPTIONAL)
  • Paint brushes

Step 1: Step:1 Create Dxf.file

You can create this file using Corel Draw I used the fonts they had available in that progam and imported picture to go with the font My Stencil is going to say "God is Love" including an heart and, a eternal life sign.

Step 2: Step:4 Begin Cutt

Watch the machine in case of any fire out breaks because we are using cardboard

Step 3: Step:2 Choose Material to Use for Lazar Cutting

You use

  • Cardboard
  • Translucent material
  • Card stock
  • Poster Board

Step 4: Step:3 Create Setting for Lazar Cutter

  • Cardboard settings power 44 speed 13 power and speed varies according to material being used.

Step 5: Step:5 Pick Material You Would Like to Transfer Stencil to

I will be using plywood (OPTIONAL)

Feel free try any type of wood or paper like material you have available

Step 6: Step:6 Determine the Type of Transfer

I will be transferring my stencil using an airbrush machine and paint (OPTIONAL)

  • You can you use ink
  • Marker
  • Crayon
  • Lead
  • or Spray paint in a can

Step 7: Step 7: Stain Wood

If your using wood now would be the perfect time to stain the wood to get an more clean professional look

Step 8: Step:8 Place Stencil

Make sure you put the stencil somewhere you feel has the best resolution in order to get the best results.

Step 9: Step:9 Transfer Stencil to Material

Using my airbrush machine I transferred stencil design to the wood

Step 10: Step:10 I Repeated Steps 7-9

I was not very happy with resolution so I repeated steps 7-9 with different colors and a different type of wood stain.