Introduction: How to Write

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This is not a guide on how to spell your A,B,C's etc. I'll leave that to the professionals. This is a guide to the art of writing. It is all about getting those words flowing out on to the paper to create feelings, ideas and opinions.
Let's Begin.

Step 1: Chill Out!

Relax! You are not under any deadlines and there is no one watching over your shoulder to make sure you do it. Furthermore no one is going to read what you write so don't be afraid of what it is going to be like, the important thing is to get something onto paper.

Step 2: Environment

Choose a place that you are at ease in. Make sure it has somewhere to write, somewhere to sit and good lighting (it could be outside if that is really your thing).

Step 3: Tools

Like a good craftsman a writer needs his tools.
What you write with is really up to personal preference.
I don't recommend using a computer because it the whole magic of writing is lost (trust me on this one).

Step 4: Materials

Paper and lots of it!
Mistakes are going to be made, entire paragraphs rewritten.
Go out and buy a cheap lined paper book from your nearest stationary supplier. This way all your writing will be in one place.

Step 5: Stream of Consciousness Writing.

This is where we get serious. The first technique is Stream of Consciousness writing. Make sure you are comfortable and fully relaxed. Now give yourself a topic statement eg. "The terrors of war". Now give yourself a time limit. Start at five minutes and when your time starts write as much as you can on that subject, just write whatever comes into your head. Don't worry about making too much sense because as you write more making sense will become easier. Once your time is up take a break then give yourself another topic and if your feeling brave increase your time limit to 10 minutes. Over time slowly increase your limit by five minutes at a time. Continue this perhaps once a day and your writing skills will improve.

Step 6: Topic Writing

This is where it gets slightly harder but more creative. Give yourself a one word topic, it can be anything from iPods to couches to war to poverty. As with the last step give yourself a time limit but this time it can be anywhere from 15 minutes to half an hour. If your wanting a harder challenge give yourself a minimum word limit eg: 300 words, the braver you feel the higher your word limit. Once your time starts write anything that comes into your head about the topic word. The more you write the more satisfying the end result is.

Step 7: The Inevitable Conclusion

At last we have reached the end. If you wish to continue writing by all means continue! Show your work to family and friends if you wish.However, a word of warning, the pen is mightier than the sword, work that is highly opinionated can offend to certain racial/religious groups/people. If no one is going to see then relax, but if it is going to be made public then please try not to make yourself a target for public hate unless you enjoy that sort of thing.

Use you power wisely!

Until next time,
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