Introduction: How to Actually KNIT on DPN!

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There are so many projects you can knit on DPN! Such as socks, wrist warmers, mittens, & baby hats…just to name a few!
It can seem tricky, balancing all those needles while knitting, but it’s much easier than you think! Plus, the finished projects are so worth it!

In my last tutorial (How To Join DPN In The Round), I showed you how to cast stitches onto a DPN, then join them in the round. If you don’t know how to join DPN in the round, that tutorial is a great place to start! Then, you can continue here!

Watch the Video below, follow the photo tutorial or both!

Step 1: in the Examples Below, I Will Be Showing You How to Knit on 3 DPN, With a 4th DPN As Your Working Needle.

You can also work on 4 DPN with a 5th DPN as your working needle.

Step 2: Place Your Stitch Marker

Once you’ve joined in the round, carefully place your stitch marker after the 1st stitch of the round.
You want to place it here, because unlike circular knitting needles, the stitch marker will fall off if you place it before the 1st stitch!

So, just remember, when you get to the end of your round, the 1 stitch before your stitch marker is the beginning of your next round.

Step 3: With Your 4th DPN, Work Your First Stitch According to Your Project Instructions.

Step 4: After Working First Stitch, Transfer Stitch Marker Onto 4th DPN.

Step 5: Continue Working All the Stitches on Your First DPN.

Step 6: ​Once You’ve Worked All the Stitches on Your 1st DPN, Prepare to Work Stitches on Your 2nd DPN

You will notice that you swapped out needles. Your working needle has now become DPN #1, and what was DPN #1 has now become your working DPN.

Step 7: Slide the Stitches on Your 2nd DPN Up Towards the Tip of the Needle

Step 8: Work the 1st Stitch on Your 2nd DPN.

Step 9: Continue Working All the Stitches on 2nd DPN.

Step 10: All Stitches Worked on 2nd DPN! Prepare to Work Stitches on 3rd DPN.

Step 11: Slide Stitches on 3rd DPN Towards the Tip.

Step 12: With 4th DPN, Work the 1st Stitch on 3rd DPN.

Step 13: Continue Working All the Stitches on 3rd DPN

Step 14: ​You Have Now Worked All of the Stitches on Your DPN’s and Completed One Round!

Simply repeat steps 1-9 for every round!

It may feel awkward knitting on DPN at first, but it will get easier…I promise! Once you do a few rows and add more length, this will help stabilize the needles, making it so much easier for you!

So, if you’re feeling frustrated, just get past 4 rows and you’ll see what I mean!

Let me know if you have any questions in comments below!

Happy DPN-ing!