Introduction: How to Add Custom Icon and Long Name to Your CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive

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Hi, in this tutorial i will show you "How to add custom icon and long name to your CD/DVD or USB flash drive" for absolute beginners.

Things you will need:-

1. A CD/DVD or USB

2. A working computer with any text editor (Notepad)

3. less than 1 Kilo Byte free space

Step 1: Insert Your USB/CD or DVD in Your Computer

first insert the item you want !

Here i am inserting a CD & USB.

one method works for all of them.

Step 2: Leave the USB / DVD or CD & Open Notepad

now leave your usb or cd or dvd for a moment and head to the notepad !

(windows 8):- to open notepad ! press the windows button on keyboard and type "notepad" & then you will see

notepad with its icon and then click that "Notepad".

Step 3: Now Type the Formula (codes)

now add these codes in your notepad.




Step 4: Search for Icons You Want

now time to search for the icon you need !

but make sure the icon should be in a (.ico) format.

Icon Archive is a great website for icons !

Click here to open Icon Archive

here i am using Seo Panda Icon from Icon Archive.

Step 5: Now Add Your Icon

Now time to add your icon.

Now first copy your icon to your external drive (which you want to customize)

and then open your notepad with the formula (code) written on it and then

add the name of your icon in front of "Icon="

E.g. Icon=safeer.ico

you must mention the format (.ico) in the end.

Step 6: Now Add Your Label

now its time to give name to your drive ! i guess some USBs or CDs doesn't support long name or small letters !

but in this way they will support long name and a icon.

for the label you just have to write the name you want to give your drive , in front of "Label=" line !

E.g. Label=Safeer's CD

No any format is required to write in the end ! just your name !

Step 7: Save Your Notepad File

now time to save your file !

But you will not have to save it as a simple (.txt) file !

When clicking the File>Save

and then a Save Dialogue pops up and allows you to give it a name ! then name it "autorun.inf"

the format should be written with the name ! Don't worry it wont appear !

Step 8: Copy the Notepad File

now copy your notepad file in the same drive you copied your icon !

NOTE:- if you replace the name of the icon , you must replace the name of it from the notepad file also !

Step 9: Now Change the Properties

you should go to the properties of the icon that was copied to your drive ! and set the icon HIDDEN ! so it remains hidden !

And do it for the notepad file as well !

Step 10: Eject Your Drive

now eject your drive and insert it again ! to see the changes !

Step 11: Changes

now you can look at the changes !

You can do if for both CDs USBs ! with the exact same method !

Step 12: Finished

now you have created your drive with a custom icon and a long name !


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