Introduction: How to Adjust Jeans to Be Like Your Favourite Pair.

I have a favourite pair of jeans. I'm sure most people are the same, they fit really well and I wear them so much that they are in grave danger of falling apart!

I like to recycle things when possible, so I bought some jeans from a "friperie" (second hand clothes sale) They fitted well around my waist, not to big not too small but the legs were sooo baggy they looked awful. So I thought I would take a chance on adjusting them and here is my Instructable of how I did it.

Step 1: Sizing Up

Turn the jeans you want to adjust inside out and lay them flat on a large surface, (kitchen table is ideal)
It is very important that the jeans are smoothed out flat.

Do the same with your favourite jeans, and lay them on top.

Now you can see how much width you need to lose.

Step 2:

Using your favourite jeans as the template for what you want your jeans to end up like, draw around your favourites onto the other pair of jeans.
It is important to make sure that the crotch of both pairs and the inside leg seam are together because you are adjusting from the outside seam, and if they are not together you will end up with a wobbly leg!

Draw a line from the waistband down the outside of each leg until you reach the bottom of the jeans or until both pairs are the same width.

Repeat for the other leg.

Step 3: Try Them On

Try the jeans on at this point to check that if you put a seam where you have drawn you will still get your legs into them!!
If not go back and try again!

Once you are happy then get sewing!
Sew the line you have drawn. Take care when you sew over the pocket area - you may need to sew this part a few times to make it stronger. (I had to adjust slightly because of a rivet on the pocket)

When you have finished sewing both legs try them on again before you cut off the excess.You can always unpick and sew again before you cut, not afterwards!!

Step 4: Cut and Seam

At this point it would be great to use an overlocking machine, but I don't have one so I double seamed and then cut the excess material off.

Try on your new adjusted jeans, and smile when you see how great they are!