Introduction: How to Be "Well" Off at Morehouse

Being a student at Morehouse College (or Man of Morehouse if you like..), there are certain standards that we are held up too. Most notably, are the "5 Wells" (that still exist...don't be confused) of Morehouse. These being Well Spoken, Well Balance, Well Dressed, Well Traveled, and Well Read. Every Well has its own individual significance and can not be held up in a esteem higher than another. However,  they do say 1st impressions always count, so next to cleanliness being Well Dressed might have a tad bit more significance. Just think about it, meeting a fortune 500 CEO in a tailored pinstripe will get more browning points than someone wearing sweats and Nike Slides (which by now...I truly hope you knew). With that, I'm going to give some helpful hints on how to be "Well Dressed" in all opportunities Morehouse presents you and may place you in. 

Step 1: "Closet"

I say "closet" because we really just have advanced cubbies (unless your in like Graves Hall or something). Nevertheless, the first step in being Well Dressed is too know where everything is at all times of your wardrobe. The best method for this is to have your closet (cubby) neat and organized. For example, dress suits, suits, jackets, etc hanging up, shirts and pants folded up and stacked neatly, shoes on the floor, individual sections for ties, belts, underwear, tanks and socks, and spots for other accesories such as hats and jewelry or what not. You would be surprised how knowing where everything is, will save you in so many ways. You never know when you might over sleep, and have like 3 mins to throw something on  to get to class. Or worse, get a call for a interview that you have to get ready for in 10 minutes. (Yeah..I'm speaking from experience). Now on those occasions, imagine if I didn't know where anything was. It would have taken me much longer than it did to get ready.

If you feel you need more space to be more space to be successfully organized, spread out through your room. Get bins, boxes, crates or whatever you feel will help you be organized yet easily accessible. 

Step 2: Plan Ahead

Most wardrobe mistakes or errors can be avoided if you plan your outfits ahead of time. 

Think about what you have coming up, classes, events etc. It's best to start in the beginning and plan a few days to your entire week out in advanced. But you should really consider EVERYTHING you might have to do. For example you might have class, then a interview and a community service activity back to back. Obviously each require a different you must plan accordingly to what to wear, times to change, if you have to Iron, where to change and if you have to come back to your dorm or can you bring it with you.

After you have fully thought out all your engagements, you can start the outfit process, and lay out what you want to wear for its corresponding days. 

When doing this. Always...Always...allllwayss check the weather. You will be happy you did. Sometimes you might have to stay out late at night. It gets chilly sometimes, every factor must be accounted for. 

Step 3: Everyday Wear

Everyday wear is something you put on for class or just go walk outside for a bit, nothing too special.

Everyday wear usual consist of something comfortable since you usually will be doing a lot of moving around. 

Example of Ideas are..


-Jean shorts
-Khaki Shorts
-Cargo Shorts.

-Boat Shoes/Mocs

Never forget to add some accessories to change it up a bit.

-Remember with sleeveless tops (tanks or vests...if your that kind of guy), that you bring a spare sleeved shirt with you if you planned on eating at the cafeteria.
-Same goes with socks. Even if your not the biggest sock fan, your going to have to still keep some on you to eat at the cafe.

Step 4: Crown Forum (special Event/assembly)

Even though this is a class, you should put a bit more effort into it. Dress up a bit.

Morehouse White button up
-1st priority should be to try and wear this shirt

Another nice button up
-If  the morehouse shirt is being cleaned or you just want to change it up.

Different colors can work

-Dress pants

-Dress shoes
1st prioity
-Boat shoes/Mocs
Try to pull out the more fancier boats and mocs shoes

Step 5: Impression Time

They're many types of ways to impress at Morehouse, but you have to know what you're impressing for.
No matter what try to always look professional as possible. 

-It all depends on the club. If your interviewing for it, try to wear something they will notice and give you positive feedback on (like a button of theirs, colors of theirs, etc.). Just make sure it all matches and looks professional.

-Let shirt and tie be the absolute minimum of your attire. However, depending on how serious the interview is you always want to impress, so let your imagination flow and always make sure that you match. 

-It depends on your focus and goal for the meeting. If you are requesting something, I would suggest going for more of the suit and tie approach, however if you just getting updated on some intel, chill a bit (polo or something).

Step 6: Getting Your Sunday's Best

For you church go-ers out there, I'm sure you have a good idea of what to wear already. And for those who don't, it's all good. 

When it comes to church you should want to look nice. To what degree of nice you want, depends on how you feel.

If you want to go all out, go for the suit and tie combo. If you want to relax a bit hit up a Polo and some khakis. If you know how to dress them up, you ca pull off certain jeans too. 

Step 7: Resident Living

Personally, I'm all about chilling in a robe by a fireplace...but not everyone is about that life. And needless to say, we lack fireplaces.

To dress in a Resident Hall, you must look for comfortable. And just because being in your under wear is comfortable to you, its not to everyone else. Find something that will be universally comfortable for everyone, especially since you don't know when unexpected visitors will be stopping by. 

Usual Methods of dressing are...

-Basketball shorts

-Pj bottoms



- Shower robe (for the chillier nights)

Pretty much anything can be considered residential clothing, as long as its comfortable enough for you to sleep in, and easy for others to look at. 

Step 8: Free Time

It depends on what your doing with your free time, but free time clothes are as chill and laid back as they come. Really anything can be worn in your free time. If you like anything from jeans and a tank to a full on my guess to wear it.

Normally though, if they're not doing much, people will just wear an extension of what they would sleep in since its so comfortable. 

Obviously, you don't have to worry about the impression factor as much, but you should still match.

Step 9: Fall/Winter Collection

When it comes to the changing of seasons, we will be bringing out more of the long sleeve apparel with the warmer accessories to compliment. 
When it comes to wearing suits and being formal, you going to want to pull out all the stops, considering its getting cold. (Cardigans, Overcoats..etc.)

In the fall its getting cooler but not too cool. The outfit styles don't have to change so suddenly, they just need some additions.

-Golf caps

-Button ups
-Light Sweaters

-Light Jackets
-Light Vests
-Light Scarfs

-Shorts (Towards beginning of season.)

Same. Socks are starting to be mandatory, for you'll who rock the sock-less Kicks.

In the winer, its cold...point blank. It's time to wrap up and look good when you do it.

-Warm Thick Hats

(Anything long and warm)
-Button ups
-Crew necks

-Suit Coats

(Anything long)

(socks are stocking to be mandatory)

Your outfit not only presents a representation of you but how seriously you take your work. 

Step 10: Community Service

What to wear to a service, all depends on what kind you will be doing. 
No matter the work, wear whatever clothing the organizations requests.

Manual Labor:
-Wear what you don't mind dirtying up.
-Don't look like bum, create the working man feel with your outfit

Working with Hands (not getting dirty):
-Since your not getting dirty it doesn't matter as much what you wear.
-If you wear a button up, roll your sleeves up

-Try to look as professional as possible, that will always grab the attention of any audience. 
-With this, still wear whatever the organization's clothing, just spice it up in your own way. 

No matter the task, ones outfit will represent not only yourself but how serious you are about your work.