How to Build a Foldable Beer Pong Table !




Introduction: How to Build a Foldable Beer Pong Table !

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I built this beer pong table for a friend !
The issue is a beer pong table is really big so I create a foldable one!
This one is customized as a soccer ground.

Step 1: Prepare Materials!

The table is 2.40 m X 0.6 m so 4 wood panels of 0.6m X 0.6m!
The most important was to create a light structure to make the foldable beer pong table!

Step 2: Assemble the Table and Make It Collapsible!

What you need now, it is wood glue and screw! :)

To make it foldable, I used hinge on the 4 panels!

Step 3: Make It Flat and Straight!

I drilled holes between panels to make the structure flat!

Step 4: It Is Foldable :)

As you can see, the 4 panels are perfectly foldable!
You can save space and have fun everywhere! :)

The central hinge is not in the position as the other one so you have a light space !

Step 5: Paint It!

For table legs, it is trestles. At the beginning I tried to build my own trestle but it failed!
So I purchased 2 trestles and it was fine !

I used masking tape for goals and cut some circle cardboards for logo and the central circle!

Step 6: The Last Detail!

I create 2 stikers of french football team with printable A4 paper.
It is like a football match between 2 teams. :)

Step 7: Have Fun !

Just one advice put orangejuice instead of beer in glasses :)

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5 years ago

What finish did you use so the table won't wear out ?


6 years ago

Where did you buy your trestles, and how much were they? I have build the table but can't find legs that work for the life of me.


Reply 6 years ago

You can just buy standard trestles. In my case, I bought them 10€ each in France in an equivalent of homedepot or b&q.
Or you can build foldable legs inside the table attaching them in the frame of each part. If you don't see how to I can draw you a fast template. ?



7 years ago

Have you thought about putting legs on it that fold in?


Reply 7 years ago

Hi, i thought about integrate foldable legs but I wanted to keep it as simple as possible for the first version. For the next one I Will try to integrate legs in it but not sure how to do it easily because I need to keep in stable and enough high and strong to bear the whole. I will publish it if I achieve a new version.


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