Introduction: How to Build a Glidetrack Camera Mount

A friend of mine asked me a short time ago if it could be possible to build a glide track camera mount like this one:
for cheap

I came up with this build:

Step 1:

The glide track camera mount is just made out of two full-extension drawer slides, some bolts, nuts and a wooden board I found in my room.

Step 2:

Last things first I installed the bolt holding the camera in place and ground its head down to fit through a gap in the drawer slider.
It migt not be necessary with your slider or maybe you find a
low-profile bot that fits. I had to grind mine down to about 2mm thickness in order to fit.

The tripod mount needs a 1/4-20 bolt or M5*20 if you are in metric Europe

Step 3:

Then I added the second slider to the first one to double the movement capacity. Conveniently drawer sliders are sold in pairs. The angle brackets were part of the sliders and were bolted together with two 1/4-10 boltsand fitting nuts (M5 *10)

Step 4:

Finally the sliders where mounted to a simple board with two screws.

Step 5:

The final product in comparison to the professional alternative and a test film made with the first (one slider) prototype.

The movement capacity you reach with the two sliders, is about 50 cm.

A heavy camera will probably bend the slider down, with the Panasonic-DV-Camcorder which will be in use in the film making project this effect is barly noticable.